March 30, 2010

Jensen's 1st Birthday Party!

We celebrated Jensen's 1st birthday last Saturday surrounded by family and friends all dressed in green! It was a beautiful, sunny day and we had the BEST time! We feel so lucky to have shared this special time with so many wonderful people that have been a part of Jensen's life throughout the past year! We appreciate everyone coming....and we're so excited everyone wore green:)
With Jensen being such a great eater, we thought for sure he would dig right into his cake. Not exactly what happened! He eventually got into it a little, but it took some coaxing!

Jensen's party shirt (made by Sarah)

As usual, Jensen had a smile on his face:)

Jensen managed to get his toes in the cake!

At first, not so sure about the taste of frosting!

"No dad, I want my vegetables!"

Festive in green, everyone watches Jensen with his cake!

Shamrock-shaped cupcake cake! Happy Birthday Jensen!

Josslynn & Jensen

Grandma Julie & Jensen

Josh, Nick, Mike, Yentl, Grandma Swanee, Jimmy and Jane

Joe, Ken and Kelly

Beth, Addy and Adam

Josh, Molly, Nick and Mike

Jensen & Elle

My sweet little leprechaun!

Elle, Cara, Jordan & JS

The Fam!

Aunt Molly & Jensen

Beth, Monica, Jensen & Barry

Jensen, Monica, Cara & Elle

March 18, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Jensen!

Our sweet little good luck charm turned one on St. Patrick's Day! We had a wonderful and festive celebration in honor of Jensen's first year!
I took the day off work and enjoyed some time with my little man, just hanging out! Jensen got a little taste of birthday cake and seemed to like it....although what doesn't he like??? We decided to save the true cake experience for his party next weekend. Here are a few pics from the day....

Enjoying a small taste of shamrock-shaped (well, kind of!) pistachio cake!

Our little lerachaun!

Going right for the cake!

J-pa was in town to help celebrate the big day!

Mom & Jensen

Dad & Jensen

Jensen & Bailey

"I'm one year old!"

March 14, 2010

Jensen's "Means of Transportation"

Ok, not exactly sure what this is called, but this is how Jensen likes to move his way about the house! He gets from room to room and gets to what he wants...It's his own little way of crawling:)

Rewind one year and I went into labor on this night! It's been an amazing year, but how has it already been a whole year? Every day gets more and more exciting as we continue to watch Jensen grow and learn about the world! We're looking forward to celebrating his birthday on Wednesday (St. Patrick's Day) with reuben casserole and pistachio cake....Possibly the start of his traditional birthday meal...Hopefully he likes it!

March 10, 2010

Say Cheese....But do't eat it!

Caught another meal moment where Jensen was hamming it up! He may be smiling and saying cheese for the camera, but as of now, he's not eating any cheese. We've had to take another temporary break from milk products...We introduced milk within the past 2 weeks and it just doesn't seem to be settling well with him. It is very strange because he's been eating yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese and milk-based formula for months without any reaction??? We've been to the doctor and we're just awaiting the test results. So as of now, he's slurping down lots of water and pedialite!

March 2, 2010

Jensen saying CHEESE!!

Jensen has grown quite fond of posing for the camera.....Might be all the practice he's had with a camera constantly in his face!!

Mini Swanson Christmas - Part 2

Cara, Elle, Jensen and I flew to NY last week for a short visit and to surprise Jon & Cathy! We are so brave! Actually, we were quite lucky and had smooth and on-time flights both ways.

We had a wonderful visit with the family! It felt like Swanson Christmas Part 2...Suzanne, Scott and Juno were in Chautauqua as well....So much fun! We spent time enjoying the beautiful scene from the front window as we received almost a foot of snow while visiting.

Peek a boo!

Time to eat!

Dinner with Grandpa Swanee at the See-Zurh House

Jensen's beautiful handmade sweater from Grandma Swanee

Playdate with Oscar, Judd and Elle. Oscar & Jensen are just 6 weeks apart!

The plane ride to NY....Elle loves her cousin Jensen!

Thank goodness for pacifiers!

A big smile after bath time!

Cathy, Elle, Cara & Jon in the foot of snow we got while in NY!

A fun visit with Scott!

Bath time for Jensen & Elle