May 12, 2014

Gonna be a Bulldog!

This little guy is graduating from pre-k next week and off to kindergarten in August! Really??? How in the world is this possible???? Yikes!

We went to the school tour last Friday and got to check out the halls he'll be roaming next year! Bitter sweet, for sure! He's definitely ready...not quite sure his mama is!

May 10, 2014

J's t-ball season has come to an end

Jensen's t-ball season came to an end today when the Cubs lost their second tournament game. Jensen really enjoyed the season and showed some growth. It was great exposure to the game and skills and continued experience of being on a team. We're proud of him for his efforts and keeping a smile on his face! We'll get in some practice and play time this summer and join a team again in the fall, which is designed to be more of a skill-building and educational season.

 Jensen & his biggest cheerleader, Keaton
Got our dinner packed and heading to Jensen's first tball tournament game.

Keaton's First Ballet Picture!

Keaton's first year of dance is coming to an end and she has loved it! Their recital is next weekend and her class will be dancing to Sophia the First, I Belong. It's so cute!! She's been practicing for the past week, including her smile for the stage!

This Girl Cracks Me Up!!!

If you know Keaton at all, you know she doesn't stop talking! Ever. Talking is her defense mechanism used every night at bedtime and every afternoon at nap time! She talks all the time in the car. And she'll keep repeating the exact same sentence until you've acknowledged what she's said.

Recently, Keaton was taking a little rest time in her room reading books. Next thing I knew, she had fallen asleep with her legs hanging off the bed! She stayed like this for 2 hours. We rarely (like maybe two-four times a month) get a nap out of Keaton anymore so she must have been whipped this day!

Another recent funny story about Keaton...Coming home from church on Sunday, I'd taken my shoes off and propped my feet up on the dashboard. Keaton asked, "Mommy, why did you take your shoes off?" Joe replied, "That's just how mommy rolls!" Keaton then replied, "I want to take my shoes off now so I can roll!" Ha!

 We ran in to Walmart to pick up one thing and Keaton found these shoes to try on! Really, Keaton???
Keaton's teacher sent me this picture. She loves her spaghetti and was laughing at herself in the mirror! She insisted her teacher send it to us!!

May 8, 2014

We scream for ice cream!!!

A perfectly hot spring night for an ice cream treat with all our school friends!

On the Farm with Keaton!

 Keaton and I went to a birthday party on a farm! She got to pet/brush animals, take a hay ride, hold chicken eggs, sit on a tractor and paint a picture of a chicken. A fun morning together!!

Happy Easter!

 Jensen's Easter performance at school

 Easter egg hunt at Jensen's school

 Easter baskets!!!
 Dying Easter eggs!!

A beautiful Easter Sunday! We enjoyed the Easter service at church and then had some friends over for a fun Easter dinner!!