June 25, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Joe was treated like a king on his second Father's Day! He selpt in and then woke up to blueberry and strawberry pancakes, spent an afternoon at the river with his family, took a nap and enjoyed a chocolate chip cookie and hot fudge sundae for dessert! That's his perfect day:)

Happy Father's Day!

Wow, how things change in a year!! This is Jensen and Joe from Father's Day last year! We've began a tradition of spending the afternoon at the river with Jensen and Bailey. Apparently Joe has also started the tradition of wearing his Braves t-shirt each year too!

This year Jensen was really able to have fun, move around and play!
He loved the water and watching all the DOGGIES play!

One of Joe's favorite spots on the river...A great place for Bailey to run and play with other dogs and Jensen to play by the water!

Joe's gift from Jensen

Jensen is explaining how he created this masterpiece!

A special Father's Day card with an AIRPLANE on it!

Taking more steps on Father's Day!

June 17, 2010

Jensen is 15 months old!

A day after our third wedding anniversary, Jensen turns 15 months! Wow, we've seen so much development throughout the past month!

He took his FIRST STEPS on June 15th! YEAHHH! He took about 3 steps and then squatted back down to use the more efficient method of crawling. J-pa was in town and got to see it. He's pretty proud of himself and so excited when he does it! Who knows, it could be another month of steps before he actually starts walking?? Or maybe he'll just get up and start walking soon???

His "vocabulary" is continuing to increase...More, ball, doggy, Mama, Daddy, nana (banana) and book. He recognizes a lot more than he can verbalize....such a fun process to watch grow!

Knock on wood, I think we've taken care of the lactose intolerance issue. After 3 full months of digestive issues, on and off dairy, visiting specialists, etc., it seems as though Jensen may finally be able to indulge in pizza, grilled cheese and ice cream:) We've slowly started reintroducing dairy...and so far, so good! Pray this continues!

Here are a few different pics and a video of our little book worm:)

" So big!"

Kate's 2nd birthday party

I LOVE this little face :)

He can't get enough of books right now!

June 16, 2010

All BOY!

Be sure you have the volume turned up for this video! It is HILARIOUS! Jensen had been saying "mama" all night and when he says it, he sounds like Cookie Monster and almost like he might eat me! So I was trying to capture it on video...Instead I got this classic boy moment :)

June 14, 2010

The Jensen & Elle Weekend!

Cara & Elle came to spend the weekend with us while Andy is on a mission trip in Kenya. We had the BEST weekend! We enjoyed MNO (Mom's Night Out) with some other neighborhood moms on Thursday night, did some yard sale shopping, went to the pool, ate delicious food and ran around after Jensen & Elle A LOT!! On Saturday, we had a great morning on our neighbor's boat. It's been so hot here so it felt great to jump in the water and cool off!

Jensen & Elle had their sibling-type squabbles, but by the end of the weekend Jensen was saying Elle's name and Elle was sad to go home! Here's a cute little video of them playing!

June 8, 2010

Frustration with the lion!

This is hilarious! Jensen has started walking with his lion, but he gets so frustrated when he hits a road block! He can't figure out how to get around the rug, couch or door and that makes him MAD! Here are a few little videos!

June 3, 2010

The Big Apple!

We kicked off our summer with a wonderful visit to NYC, Long Island and NJ! Grandma & Grandpa Swanee met us there to visit and hang out with Jensen!!

We arrived on Wednesday and had dinner on Long Island with Ben Parker, his wife Margaret and daughter, Chloe. I hadn't seen Ben in about 10 years...It was so much fun to see him and meet his family! They hosted us to a great afternoon of snacks and playtime with the kids and an amazing dinner of grilled fish, steamed clams and a delicious salad! What a treat!

From there we headed out to the North Fork of Long Island to visit Erin, a very good friend from grad school. We had such a great visit with Erin, her husband Jason, daughter, Emma and Erin's parents! We went to a small harbor town called Greenport for lunch, hung out at the beach and had a delicious cookout of grilled fish, shrimp and asparagus! Yummy!

After a wondeful 2 day visit, we left for Weehawken, NJ where we stayed just across the river from NYC...We had the best view! We were there for Sam (Joe's HS friend) & Jacki's wedding so it was great to visit with all of Joe's HS buddies! On Sat night, we had an amazing time on a boat ride through the NY harbor. The wedding was Sunday and it was a blast! The food was out of this world and so much of it! We ate like kings and queens during our entire trip! And having G&G Swanee there to babysit was a lifesaver!

We've tried to get back to reality this week. I'm working in the office 2 days/week and Joe's got football worksouts 3 mornings/week. He's able to hang out with Jensen on one of the days when I'm at work which will be fun for them to have some father-son time this summer! Jensen is as active as can be...He's into everything, communicating much more and using his baby sign for "more", "please", "finished" and "thank you!" We're looking forward to a fun summer with days at the pool, trips to the zoo, visits and playdates with friends and a roadtrip to Denver! Are we brave or what???

A view of NYC from our hotel

Hanging out with gramps at the beach!

A great visit with Ben, Margaret & Chloe

Swimming at the hotel pool


Emma & Jensen - Love at first sight!

Greenport, NY

We had the BEST time visiting Erin, Jason & Emma!

Jensen & Chloe

Jensen's third time on an airplane...He's such an expert flier now!