February 24, 2009

37 Weeks Pregnant - February 24, 2009

What a week! My mom came this week to help us get some last minute things ready. Oh my, the crazy amount of preparation it takes to bring this small life into our world! We were nonstop for three days straight....Up at 6am and fighting to stay awake at 10:30pm! We did quite a bit of shopping (and returning:), baby laundry and cleaning. I think for the most part, we're ready for Poppy to arrive! I'm forcing myself to accept the fact that we can only prepare so much...As this little one comes into our lives, we have so much to learn that we can't possibly prepare for yet. As every new parent does, we will learn as we go and make changes through trial and error.

What does it feel like to be 37 weeks pregnant? Well, for me, I am definitely moving slower and getting tired much quicker. I'm used to running and running....it's quite a challenge to force myself to slow down and take the rests I need. I'm continuing to take Bailey on at least one walk a day. Taking her on a good walk is a great excuse for me to get my exercise! My goal is to be able to walk up the hills in our neighborhood and our driveway the day I go into labor! -Monica

February 18, 2009

What is Poppy up to?

We wanted to take another look at what Poppy was up to in there....So our very thoughtful friend and neighbor, Gary came over tonight and did another ultrasound! Once again, AMAZING! As I said, this little thing has been active as ever this week and we got to see first hand what it was up to. Just hit the play button above and you'll be able to see what appears to be Poppy sucking "it's" thumb! It's one thing to feel various movements throughout the day, but then you get to physically see what's going on in there and it just blows your mind!
Gary said everything looked "textbook." The head is still in a great position...down toward my pelvis. Poppy has moved since our last ultrasound, 3 1/2 weeks ago...It's head is now on the right side of my pelvis and it's spine wraps around the left side of my abdomen. Gary proved me right tonight and showed Joe how it's little butt and legs constantly creep under my ribs!
Gary did more measurements...and it looks like there were some inaccurate measurements last time. The head is now right on, measuring 36 weeks, 3 days. All other measurements (abdominal circumference and femur length) show about 35-36 weeks. It's weighing in at approximately 6 lbs. so we're probably looking at an 8+ lb. baby! According to my LMP, our due date is March 14. After all measurements were entered, the report showed the due date was March 26. Joe & I think it's arriving on March 20th, the first day of spring!

It's reassuring to know that things look so great and Poppy appears to be so healthy! Just another month or so and we'll be holding the little one in our arms! Can't wait! -Monica

February 15, 2009

Baby Shower at Dean & Becki's - February 15, 2009

Thanks to Becki and Katie for putting together a great baby shower! We had such a great time getting to see everyone and thank you all for showering us with such fun stuff for Poppy! -Monica

36 Weeks Pregnant - February 15, 2009

So we are due exactly one month from today, wow! It feels like we just learned about the great news of being pregnant and now within about a month, we will be welcoming Poppy into this world! As we get closer, we are definitely getting more and more anxious. It's interesting...With as organized and prepared as I like (and usually insist) to be, I'm still okay not knowing the gender of this little "guy." However, my anxiety is beginning to build about exactly WHEN and HOW this is going to happen! Joe is insisting we get our hospital bags packed and we will be installing the car seat by the end of this week. These thoughts and fears are typical for first time parents-to-be, right?
Poppy has been EXTREMELY active this week. According to the weekly pregnancy reports I get, because of the size of the baby and the decreased amount of space for it to move, I should start to feel less kicking and poking. I'm just the opposite...For the past few days, it's been just about as active as can be! I'm really excited to see the dr. on Thursday for my 36 week visit. -Monica

February 8, 2009

Atlanta Baby Shower - February 8, 2009

Cara, Jamie, Barry, Lori & JS hosted a wonderful baby shower! We had a delicious brunch including made-to-order omelets and silver dollar pancakes prepared by the amazing chefs, Andy and Jordan!
It was a great morning spent with family and friends...Joe & I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives! And each day, we're more and more excited for Poppy to arrive in this world to meet all of them! -Monica

February 2, 2009

34 Weeks Pregnant - February 1, 2009

What a wonderful weekend! We had another few days filled with fun baby stuff - and this time we got to share it with my parents! They were in town for a few days and we had a great visit! My dad helped Joe finish up some things in the nursery...we're getting close! My mom and I did a little shopping. She is coming back in about 3 weeks to help me finish things up and to just hang out for a few days!

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day! My parents got to hang out with Bailey while Joe and I went to our last childbirthing class. We learned a lot...the different stages of labor, possible medications to take during labor and various relaxation techniques. Joe is going to be an amazing support person! He's gathered all kind of ideas and ways to help me get through this as best as I can!

I can't believe there are only 6 short weeks until our due date! Yes, I am growing, growing and growing! Wow! Poppy continues to get the hiccups and swim around like a little (although sometimes it doesn't feel so little) fish! -Monica