August 8, 2010

Jensen's first hair cut

We took Jensen for his first haircut yesterday and he did great! We went to a place called Pigtails and Crewcuts, a cute little salon for kids. I wasn't ready to have all his little curls cut yet, so she shaped it, cut his tail in the back and trimmed up his bangs. Ms. Angela did a great job and Jensen actually didn't mind it so much...Probably helped that he was in a cool car chair, eating animal crackers and watching The Little Mermaid!!


Jensen loved the car chair!

Animal crackers & watching The Little Mermaid

Getting the bangs cut was the most challenging part!

The end result

August 4, 2010

A little GIRL!

Jensen is going to have a little SISTER in December! We're so excited!

19 weeks 1 day
The three small lines indicate it's a girl!

She's waving hi to Mommy, Daddy and Jensen!

Ok, we cheated! We found out about a week and a half earlier that it was a girl. Our wonderful neighbor came over to give us a sneak peak and we found out then we'd be welcoming a little GIRL to our family!

17 weeks 6 days

17 weeks 6 days

17 weeks 6 days

Is this not the most AMAZING thing?!?!

She wanted to turn and say hello again:)

August 1, 2010

Our full time walker!

Jensen took his first steps on June 15. It took him about a month to really start walking all the time....Now, there's no stopping him!