November 30, 2010

36 weeks pregnant!

We're almost there! 36 weeks down and 4 to go! I had my 36 week appt today with a midwife. I really enjoyed meeting with her. I've decided to have a midwife present during my labor and delivery. The midwife I met with today told me they have a 99% success rate with vbacs since they tend to be more patient and don't resort immediately to a c-section. Due to the vbac, a dr. will always be immediately available, but it will be nice to have the additional support of a midwife.
My measurements are right on and my weight continues to mirror where I was with Jensen. I don't have any swelling, but do have quite a bit of activity. I think she's getting a little restless in there! Her movement today caused a lot of contractions....not painful labor contractions, just a lot of tightening.
We have most of the major things completed on our checklist. We are still working on our emergency action plan for both Jensen and Bailey, need to pack our bags and get out some of the baby items from the attic. Other than that, we're just enjoying the time with our little man and each other until Keaton decides to arrive! I have one more thing to finish in Keaton's room and then will post pictures.

A family wedding

Joe's cousin, Jason got married on Sunday. It was a pretty outdoor wedding with a reception following at The Trolley Barn. We had a nice visit with the family!

Jensen loved feeding daddy!

Jensen update

Thanksgiving 2010

Once again, I've been bad about getting some recent pictures on the blog. It seems as though the last month has flown by because we've been so busy! Joe's football season went three weeks into the post-season as they made the third round of state playoffs! Go Hawks! They had a great year! We're very proud of them...and selfishly looking forward to having dad around a little more, especially with Keaton's arrival about 4 weeks away.

We had plans to travel to NY by way of Charlotte for Thanksgiving. Those plans changed when Hillgrove continued through the post-season. Instead, J-pa joined us at the Masterson's for a great Thanksgiving meal. And Grandma Swanee (who is turning to "Nana" by Jensen) came down for a visit the day after Thanksgiving and stayed through the weekend.

Jensen turned 20 months on November 17th. He's a busy little thing! He's obsessed with his ABC's and loves talking about them, looking at them, saying them, etc. His favorite letter is O and he looks for O's everywhere! His favorite TV show is Super Why and he often walks downstairs saying, "Why! Why!" He's adjusted to his new room and is enjoying reading his Big Brother book every night before bed. We don't think he understands that mommy's big belly means a baby is coming, but he says "brother" and "sister" and is very intrigued when he sees other babies!

Playing with the shapes

Happy Thanksgiving

Jensen laying with mommy on the couch! Probably watching Why!

November 13, 2010

Visit with Santa

Jensen had his second visit with Santa Claus this morning. He wasn't quite as excited with the idea as last year, but he didn't cry and wasn't scared. We actually caught a quick smile while he sat on Santa's lap:)

I got to sit on Santa's lap too! On my wish list this year, I told Santa I'd like the baby to arrive after Christmas:)