March 20, 2014

Climbing to New Heights

Now that Jensen is five, he can climb the wall at the Y! Today while Keaton was at dance, he climbed for the first time. He did an awesome job!!!

March 19, 2014

Chuga Chuga Choo Choo!

Jensen's 5th birthday was a fun celebration at the train museum with family and friends! He had a great time playing games, running around, eating cake, making a bookmark and being with his friends!

 Favor bags with train whistles for all the kids!

 The General

 I promise, I did NOT set this up! It lasted less than 2 seconds, but so happy I caught it!

The perfect ending to the party...a real train came by as we were loading the car!

March 13, 2014

Our leprechaun trap is set!

 Jensen's class will be setting leprechaun traps this weekend so this evening we created the perfect trap to catch one of those little guys! We made a rainbow colored box and filled it with gold coins and colorful candy. When the leprechaun hops in for a treat, the top will fall and he'll be trapped!

The kids had fun putting this together!! And got a little silly by the time we were done!

March 12, 2014

Not sure where she got this sense of style...

This is how Keaton wanted to wear her hair...three ponytails completed with a red bow on the side of her head! Thankfully she just spent the day at the playground and playing outside at our house. Quite a fashion statement!!

Everything is Awesome!!

Jensen had his second tball game of the season on Monday night, a beautiful 72 degree evening. Here's a picture of Jensen leaving 3rd base, running in to score.

When the Cubs were on the field, Jensen was playing 3rd base.  Joe was standing right behind the base coaching Jensen on what to do (as are MANY other dads - keeping 4 and 5 year-olds on target). Keaton and I were standing outside the fence watching the game and cheering for the Cubs. After seeing the Lego movie with Joe, Jensen has been singing, "Everything is awesome when you work as a team!" During the game, it was so cute, Jensen turned around with a big smile and sang to Keaton, "Everything is awesome!!!"

He sure is right, Everything IS awesome!

March 8, 2014

Go Cubs!

 Today was Jensen's first t-ball game & team pictures...A beautiful, 70 degree, almost-Spring day!  Jensen had fun and played really well! His first time up to bat, he hit off the second pitch! He ran to 1st and then 2nd base and as I watched, I could see him standing on 2nd, trying to figure out exactly where 3rd base was! Watching the attention span of fourteen 4-5 year olds is totally amusing!

 All smiles from #12!
 Nice hit, Jensen!
When I asked Jensen what his favorite part of the game was, his first reply was "the snack!" Well, of course! When I rephrased and asked again what his favorite part of playing the game was, he said, "When you were cheering for me!" This is thumbs up (real live action shot) on 3rd base before he ran in to score!

It's going to be a fun season!

March 1, 2014


What a nice, laid back day it's been! For the first time, Jensen was picked up by a friend and his dad to go to the movies. Joe actually met them there, but Jensen was so excited to get to ride with his friend! They went to see the Legos movie and really liked it. He's been singing, "Everything is awesome!"
Keaton and I had a fun day on our shopping date. Since we didn't have anything today/tonight, we took our time checking out some different stores and just playing around. It was fun to have a day with her and not be in a rush. We got her two new dresses that she's been really excited about.
After Keaton and I got home, Jensen & Keaton were excited to "reunite" and play together! They played on the Leap Pads and then had fun painting Hello Kitty.

Our Little Slugger!

We're two practices in so far this tball season and it's going well! Jensen is having fun and loves sporting his name and number 12! First game is next week.