May 30, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Check out those denim diapers!

Skyping with Nana!

Visit with Benson Durham & Wyatt Thomson

The guys!

Keaton's first dip in the pool...Not so sure about it!

May 26, 2011

Welcome Summer!!

What a great way to welcome summer....Our fun neighborhood pool party! Things sure have changed in a year...Last year Jensen wasn't even walking and this year we won't be able to keep him out of the pool! He had so much fun on the slide, in the kiddie pool, eating pizza and snow cones and playing with his friends! I think he drank half the pool water. It's going to be such a fun summer!

It was Jensen's last day of PMO at the Y.

Keaton is going to be just like her mama...she LOVES milkshakes!!

May 22, 2011

Night Party

Cara, Elle & Anderson came over for a Spend the Night Party, which Jensen renamed "Night Party!" It was hot so we got out the sprinkler and pool and Addy came over for a fun afternoon of outside play! They had so much fun running, swinging, laughing, playing in the water and eating popsicles! We're so lucky!!

Couldn't take their eyes off Jensen's new ABC movie!

Keaton & Anderson playing on the rug!

The boys!

Keaton is 5 months old!

Keaton's 5 month update...She continues to sleep well through the nights. She is typically ready for bed no later than 7:00 and she WILL let you know when she is ready! She usually wakes around 6:30-7:00am. No complaining here! I'm enjoying full nights of sleep:) She is definitely a side and belly sleeper, seems to be the most comfortable for her.
She is nursing 5 times/day and we're thinking we'll start cereal within the next month, probably closer to her 6 month birthday. She is still a mama's girl...loves her mommy!!! And we're either doing a better job reading her or she's just becoming more easy going because it seems as though her fussy periods have a reason....tired, hungry or simply wants to be up and about! She loves to be held and just walk around and check things that's what we do because that's what makes our little angel happy (and quiet!)!!!
Keaton likes to sit in her bumbo on the kitchen countner while I prepare meals. She also likes to lay on the blanket on the floor and just kick around with her toys. She can entertain herself for longer periods of time in the exersaucer as well. Just within the past week, she has started reaching more for objects (faces, toys, drinking glasses, etc.). And she is also focusing and smiling more at Jensen! It's so fun to watch their growing interactions!

Big Boy Haircut

Say goodbye to the curls! We finally gave in and got Jensen a big boy haircut! With summer temperatures here, we thought Jensen would be more comfortable for the summer with a shorter 'do! Sad to see the curls go, but his new big boy haircut is so cute:)

Keaton's first Girl's Weekend!

In Keaton's short 5 month life, she has now taken 3 trips on an airplane. Our trip to Denver was my first flight traveling solo with Keaton and boy was it a DISASTER!!!

I fed her shortly before boarding the plane and she was absolutely fine and happy! Once we were on the plane and others started boarding, something went wrong. She started vomiting and became extremely panicked when she couldn't catch her breath. I was terrified and felt helpless! After going back and forth with the flight attendants, pilot and ticketing agents, I decided to take a chance and stay on the 3 hour flight. I returned to my seat (both Keaton and I covered in vomit) and prayed that Keaton wouldn't get sick again and wouldn't become dehydrated. Thankfully, she slept the entire ride and was healthy for our visit in Denver. Wow, what a scary experience!

So the ride to Denver was rough, but we had such a great time visiting with Nana & Aunt Molly! We visited with Jon, Cathy & Phil, did a little shopping, took a few walks, spent a night in Breckenridge and of course laughed and talked a bunch:) It was a great introduction for Keaton to what Girl's Weekend is like!

My favorite part of our visit was accompanying Molly to her 16 week prenatal appointment. Yep, Molly & Josh are expecting a baby on Halloween! Their dr was so nice and inviting and treated us to a "complimentary ultrasound" so we got to take a peek at lil' Pumpkin!! We're so excited for them and can't wait to meet my little niece or nephew!

This was the longest I'd been gone from Jensen. It was so fun to see him after 5 days...a new haircut and talking more, he seemed so much older! He was so excited to see me and Keaton! When he walked in the house, he ran to us with such excitement and enthusiasm that it scared Keaton and she began to cry. Jensen was so upset Keaton started crying that he too began to cry. His feelings were hurt, he put his hands over his eyes and was so sad! However, it took just a few moments to get our smiling boy back and we had fun playing the rest of the night!!

What a special weekend we all had!!


May 8, 2011

Happy Mommies Day!

I was spoiled this weekend with an amazing Mother's Day celebration! My sweet hubby and Andy got together and planned a little overnight get away for me and Cara. With pure relaxation in mind, we were treated to a massage and hotel room for the night. We had the best time and enjoyed our little vacation! After our massage, we indulged in a little champagne and sushi and a whole lot of conversation:)

A restful night of sleep was just what we needed! We've been working on Keaton's sleep habits for awhile now and it wasn't until the beginning of last week that Keaton started sleeping through the night. Night #1 was a very rough night (she cried from 12:45am-3:15am straight!) with not much sleep. But after that first night of crying it out, each night seemed to get better. Night #2, she ate at 6:30, went to bed at 7:00 and woke at 7am (12 hours) with a short awake period at 2am when she was able to put herself back to sleep. Night #3, she again ate at 6:30, went to bed at 7:00 and woke up at 6:45am with no awake/fussy periods throughout the night. And since that dreadful night nearly a week ago, she has been putting herself to sleep and sleeping for about 12 hours/night. Her naps have improved and she seems to be much happier throughout the day and at bed time. She is now in a sleep sac with a swaddle around her midsection, but not her arms. And she often moves to her belly when she's sleeping - it's where she seems to be most comfortable. She will also move her way to the corner of the crib and slide her face under the bumper. She loves to the bumper, an elbow, armpit, with a lovie, etc. So we are one happy house now that everyone is sleeping well throughout the night!!

The other transition that we've been working on for the past few weeks was moving Jensen to his big boy bed. And to our surprise, the transition was nearly seamless. It was not actually planned... it kind of just happened, which may have helped in making it easier. One afternoon he took a nap in his bed and other than the next night when he was tired and didn't want to stay in the bed, we have not had one problem. We're overly excited when we walk in his room each time to get him after naps or in the morning and now that excitement has been passed onto him. When we open the door, he'll pop up and say, "Bed!" He's so proud of himself!

In addition to Mother's Day, we celebrated these two great accomplishments (Keaton sleeping through the night and Jensen sleeping well in his bed) and enjoyed our day as a family. Both kids took great naps this afternoon and we had an amazing meal of blue cheese burgers, sweet potatoes, asparagus and corn on the cob. And ice cream pie for dessert! I'm so lucky to have two beautiful and healthy children and a husband that loves me so much! Being a mom is the hardest, most rewarding thing I've ever done. I'm thankful everyday for the life I've been blessed with and hope I can provide Jensen & Keaton with the guidance and love I was given by my parents. Thank you to my family for a wonderful weekend!

Keaton enjoying some playtime outside!

Our night away!

From daddy & the kids!

Our little belly sleeper!

Mmmm, corn on the cob!

Sweet dreams, Keaton!