September 23, 2012

Fun Family Weekend

We had such a great weekend, full of family fun! Joe had a bye week so we took the kids to the field to kick around the soccer ball on Friday night. Bailey found a football, tennis ball and lacrosse ball so by the end of the night, we had almost every sport covered! And the kids had fun running around outside on a beautiful, almost fall evening!

On Saturday, we went to Jensen's second soccer game. Definitely saw improvement from the first week! We had a great afternoon at the park, taking Bailey swimming and walking through the woods. Saturday night was Make Your Own Pizza and Family Movie night! The kids put on aprons and Jensen sported his chef's hat and we put together some delicious pepperoni and mushroom pizzas! They had so much fun! And we completed the night with a giant pallet on the floor, watching Toy Story 2.

And we officially welcomed fall! Hooray!!

 Jensen's soccer team - The Netherlands
 Afternoon picnic in the front yard
 Getting ready to make pizzas!

 And the pizza is ready for the oven!
Watching the movie!

September 16, 2012

Jensen - The Netherlands

Jensen had his first soccer game on Saturday! He seemed to enjoy it and had fun running around the field for an hour. I'd say, it was a little more successful then the first day of t-ball...probably helps that he's more active the entire time! Jensen decided he wanted to be #2 and of course, he loves the orange jersey!!

The teams practice for 30 minutes followed by a 30 minute 3 on 3 game, which gives each child plenty of playing time! He did a great job!  He did run the ball to the wrong goal and then picked it up with his hands and ran it to the goal, but hey, he's only 3, right?!?!?!

 Jensen's biggest cheerleader...on the phone!

 Taking instructions from the coach
All the kids run the tunnel after the game!

September 8, 2012

Friday Funday!

We had a last minute change of plans and I got to spend the entire day, just me and the kids! We went to the Y in the morning and then to a park where we played on the playground and walked a trail. We came home and had a picnic in the front of the house. When Keaton went down for a nap, Jensen stayed up and practiced cutting with his new scissors while I worked. We had dinner at home and then went to a different playground and played with Bailey! And of course we finished off the day just right...with a big bowl of ice cream:) When Jensen was eating ice cream, he stopped and looked up at me and said, "I had a great day, mommy!" Love these days with my little guys and truly cherish my Fridays with both of them!!

September 5, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Football?!?!?!

 Joe's 2nd game of the season...E Cobb vs. W Cobb at McEachern. Hillgrove played a great 2nd half, but couldn't pull off a win over Lassiter. The kids had a great time and enjoyed dancing, throwing the frisbee and playing in the end zone!

Our Two Little Munchkins!!!!

 Can't get enough of these sweet faces! Love them!!!!

Happy Birthday, Uncle P!

Nana's Visit

Nana came for a short visit in August. We had fun going to Acworth Beach, going to the swimming pool, playing with the kids and pigging out on KFC!!!

Back to School!

 Jensen had fun creating this All About Me poster!
 Hard to believe it's already time to go back to school!
 Keaton LOVES to walk around with her backpack!
 Keaton is happy to be back with her friends at school! When I walk in the door to pick her up, she always tells me, "Paint!"
 At Meet & Greet working on his first project
 Making a fish, for his "Fish Bowl" classroom
 Jensen is happy to be back at school! He loves his new school, new teachers and new friends!!
Meet Bubbles, the class pet!

Other Summer Favs!

 What a sweet, sweet boy to help his sister!

 Fun times with the Barfields!