March 31, 2011

Yummy Apple!

Jensen didn't want his apple sliced. He's a big boy now!!

March 29, 2011

Jensen's ABC Birthday Party

What better way to celebrate Jensen's 2nd birthday than with the ABCs?!?!?
Thank you to our family and friends who joined us to celebrate with Jensen!

We had great ABC snacks - ABC Cheez-its, jello and cookies!

Jensen's friends took home letter sugar cookies that spelled their name!

Jensen & Parker enjoying the jello!

We welcomed the "terrible" 2's with sugar:)

Jensen was so excited everyone was singing to him!

He got the letter "J" cupcake!

Yummy cake!

Is this trouble or what???

Elle & Jensen took a ride on Joe!

What was Jensen excited about? Pointing out each letter on the wrapping paper:)

March 23, 2011

Keaton is 3 months old!

Keaton decided to celebrate her 3 month birthday by sleeping through the night! She now goes about 8-10 hours - Yeah! It seems as though as soon as Keaton turned 3 months old on Saturday, she settled into more of a schedule and became less fussy. She's happy in the swing and putting herself to sleep a lot more. She definitely still has her times where she's not so happy, but they seem to be fewer and last a shorter amount of time. She's smiling and interacting more.....and tracking her big brother as he runs around the house:)

Anderson - 6 months and Keaton - 3 months
Celebrating in West Palm Beach

We went to Jensen's 2 year wellness visit today. I told him yesterday he was going to the dr. and he replied, "No more monnies jump on bed!" He was a little uneasy at the appointment - unsure of what to think about the reflex hammer, stethoscope, etc. His dr. said everything looks great! Jensen weighs 35.6 lbs - off the charts for both height and weight! No shots today and we don't go back for another wellness visit until next March.

Cousins Weekend!

Keaton, Cara, Anderson and I boarded a plane to West Palm on Saturday morning to visit our cousins Sonja & Joe and their new baby girl, Hannah. Debby, Morgan, Andy and Karla were also in town to celebrate Hannah's Adoption Day. What a special, special weekend! It was so fun to get all the kiddos together and catch up with the family!

Keaton's first trip to the beach!

This was HILARIOUS!!!

Morgan's first swim

Joe caught a lobster and fish and created an amazing feast! Yummy!

Hannah & Keaton - just 8 days apart!

Guy's Weekend!

The guys had a great, fun-filled weekend! Jensen went to Touch a Truck, three birthday parties and dinner at a friend's house on Sunday. By the end of the weekend, he was exhausted!

Yummy cupcake!

Benson's 1st birthday party!

Enjoying a cupcake ice cream cone - Wonder how much actually got into his mouth?

Jumping around at Chris's 2nd birthday!

Checking out all the trucks!

March 18, 2011

Friday Playdate at the Zoo

Hartley, Jensen, Baylee and Kennedy

Lunch time at the zoo

Happy 2nd Birthday Jensen!

Our world brightened two years ago when our little lucky charm was born! Since that special day, our lives have been filled with fun, laughter, lessons and challenges. Jensen continues to entertain us - He is certainly obsessed with the ABCs. He got ABC magnets for his birthday and you would have thought he won a million dollars! His vocabulary increases everyday and he likes to repeat the last word of every sentence. "Jensen, are you excited to go to school today?" and he'll say, "today." We're also starting to notice how easily he picks up on things we say. I often have to tell him not to climb on the chair where he eats....The other day, he was walking around the house saying, "Get down now, get down now!" Yikes! We're really starting to watch everything we say and do.

Jensen spent his birthday at school and celebrated with his classmates. They made special St. Patrick's Day crafts and ate shamrock cookies. At home, we continued our tradition of celebrating with reuben casserole (although we've decided this is more for the parent's enjoyment) and shamrock-shaped pistachio cake (we added chocolate chips this year-yummy!). This year we also added green beer to our menu - what a nice treat! These days beers taste so good at the end of the day....and so well deserved:) Jensen loved his birthday cake and is finally understanding that it's not Bobo's birthday anymore (He's been singing happy birthday to Bobo since December!). He'll also reply and tell you he's two.

So we've officially entered the world of terrible 2's....At least that's what we can blame a lot of those quirky behaviors on:)

Yummy pistachio cake!

Skyping with Nana & Bapa

Jensen loves broccoli right now!

Cheers with my little man:)

Keaton had a special outfit for her big brother's birthday!