June 23, 2011

Keaton is 6 months old!

Half way through Keaton's first year...how is that possible? Our little one is growing like crazy and happier than ever these days! She's now eating oatmeal, peas and bananas...and loving it all! She can't eat it fast enough...Sound like her big brother or what? :)

We took Keaton to her 6 month appointment on Friday. She now weighs 14lbs 8 oz (30th percentile) and is 26 3/4" inches long (90th percentile). But something tells me the way she's loving solids, her weight is going to be creeping up!!

She's still going to sleep around 7-7:30pm and waking around 7am. Occasionally we have nights where she wakes up in the middle of the night acting as if she hasn't eaten in days. She continues to take 3 solid naps per day (going to start working toward 2) and she's pretty steady when sitting up by herself. She has the cutest little gummy smile right now! She still hasn't really giggled...instead she has this little excited huff to go along with that cute gummy smile...It's quite irresistible:)

June 19, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day

I love you daddy!
Joe's first Father's Day with his baby girl!

We had such a wonderful weekend and treated Joe to the perfect Father's Day! While Keaton was taking her morning nap, I took Jensen to McDonald's for breakfast and a playdate with Addy, Tucker and Wes. The house was quiet so Joe got to sleep in...Lucky guy got to sleep until about 10:15, which probably has not happened since we've had kids!
Joe enjoyed the rest of the day doing yard work, going to the pool, eating a delicious dinner (steak, tomato pie and asparagus), going fishing and finished the day with a brownie sundae...Joe's perfect day! He's one hard working daddy who is loved and appreciated so we hope he enjoyed his special day!

Keaton loved cruising through the pool with daddy today!

Cuddle time with Keaton

Popsicle Fun!

Great summer memories....
Eating popsicles and playing with the hose!
Jensen & Elle have been loving these fun times!!

The kids were sticky from their popsicles so we had to hose them down!

How CUTE is that!?!?!?

Keaton wasn't sure what to think of her first popsicle!