August 4, 2014

My Babies are Back to School...And Somebody Started Kindergarten!

Last Thursday, we went to Jensen's sneak a peek and met his kindergarten teachers, Ms. Friedrich & Ms. Romero. We love them and know he's going to have a great year! He has a few friends in his class and was happy to see his new classroom. 

On Friday, we did a practice bus run! The moms and dads got to ride with the kids at their normal bus time and check out the bus route. The kids loved it!!!

 Jensen & Laney
 Jensen, Laney, Addy & a little boy from another neighborhood that will be riding the same bus!
 The start of the next 13 years of his life!

'Twas the night before kindergarten...and this boy was all smiles!

Jensen's teacher gave him this card to read on Sunday night before school. It was a cute little poem about the excitement of the first day of school. It also contained a small bag of gold star confetti that should be sprinkled under his pillow. The stars were magic and would help him fall right to sleep. So Jensen carefully spread the stars under both pillows and laid his head down. As he laid down for about a 1/2 second, he quickly said, "It doesn't work!" It was cute!! And he was still excited!
Ready to go!                                                                                     Jensen & Laney             
Is it really time to send our little man to kindergarten??????

No looking back...They were all smiles and ready to go to school!

Keaton's first day of 3 year-old preschool at Open Arms! She was happy to go back and see her friends!

Jensen arrived home Monday afternoon with a giant smile on his sweet face! He had a great first day and was full of stories and songs!

I'm so excited about the start of this school year! There's quite a bit of change happening, but all great change! I feel good about the kids' teachers and can already see they're enjoying being back together with their friends!

I'm also excited about my change! I'm thrilled to not balance two part-time jobs and even more thrilled to focus completely on what I've always wanted to do! Here's to new beginnings!

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